DISC 2011
the 25th International Symposium on DIStributed Computing - September 20-22

TADDS 2011 Workshop Program

LOCATION: Dipartimento di Informatica e Sistemistica - Via Ariosto 25
8:30–14:00 Registration
14:00–14:10 Alexander Shvartsman, Roberto Baldoni

room:Aula Magna
14:10–14:55 Invited Talk: Idit Keidar

“Dynamic computations in ever-changing networks”
room:Aula Magna
14:55–16:10 Session 1: Reliable Computing for Dynamic Distributed Systems
Session Chair: Alexander Shvartsman

Hyunyoung Lee, Andreas Klappenecker, Jennifer L. Welch
“Quorum-Based Dynamic Regular Registers in Systems with Churn”

Silvia Bonomi, Amir Soltani Nezhad

“Multi-writer Regular Registers in Dynamic Distributed Systems with Byzantine Failures”

Luciana Arantes, Fabiola Greve, Pierre Sens

“What Model and What Conditions to Implement Unreliable Failure Detectors in Dynamic Networks?”
room:Aula Magna
16:10–16:30 Coffee Break
16:30–17:20 Session 2: Peer-to-Peer Network Services
Session Chair: Roberto Baldoni

Xavier Vilaáa, Joao Leitao, Luis Rodrigues
“N-party BAR Transfer: Motivation, Definition, and Challenges”

Yan Shvartzshnaider, Maximilian Ott, David Levy
“Towards a Kademlia DHT-based N-tuple Store”
room:Aula Magna
17:20–17:30 Concluding Remarks room:Aula Magna

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