DISC 2011
the 25th International Symposium on DIStributed Computing - September 20-22

TADDS 2011

3rd Workshop on Theoretical Aspects of Dynamic Distributed Systems

Following two successful TADDS workshops -- at DISC'2009 in Elche, Spain, and at DISC'2010 at Cambridge, Massachusetts -- we are happy to announce the Third TADDS Workshop to be held in September, 2011, in Rome, Italy, co-located with DISC'2011.
TADDS has its focus on the dynamic aspects of distributed systems, encompassing systems in existence today and looking into the future development and deployment of dynamic distributed systems, with sound theoretical foundations in mind. Distributed systems are rapidly evolving, and the advent of new classes of applications and technologies, such as VANET, Airborne Networks, Social Networks, Smart Environments, P2P, broad area supercomputing, and distributed cloud services, is radically changing the way we think about them. Dynamic distributed systems have structures that are self-defined at any instant by entities that might autonomously decide to participate in the same distributed application. These systems are characterized by dynamic arrival and departure of participating entities and normally it may not be possible to assume anything about the universe of participants, their identities, capabilities, or reliability. Understanding the fundamentals of how to master this dynamic dimension is of primary importance to design of robust, dependable, and predictable distributed systems.
This workshop, held in conjunction with the International Symposium on Distributed Computing (DISC'2011), is intended to both motivate further concerted study and analysis of dynamic distributed systems and to present current accomplishments in this area. The meeting will include a invited and contributed presentations that will provide views of the main achievements in this area to date, and motivate research by reviewing key challenges and formulating new directions. New for 2011, the contributed presentations will be selected by the Program Committee based on the papers submitted to the workshop. We plan to have the proceedings of the workshop in ACM Digital Library. Topics of interest cover all aspects of dynamic distributed systems, including, without being limited to:
  • Modeling dynamic systems
    • Suitable environment assumptions (e.g., churn, failure models, etc)
    • Suitable platform assumptions (e.g., communication paradigm, …)
    • Assumptions about the initial knowledge of participants
    • Communication and Coordination Abstractions and Services for Dynamic Distributed Systems
  • Algorithms in, and structure of, dynamic systems
    • Computation paradigms and algorithmic patterns
    • Membership/participation in the computation
    • Algorithms: dependability, resilience
    • Algorithms for Unmanaged applications
  • Efficiency of dynamic systems
    • Measuring efficiency and scalability
    • Complexity measures for dynamic systems
  • Application domains for dynamic systems
    • Peer-to-peer
    • Sensor Networks
    • Mobile networks
    • Cloud computing federation
    • Internet supercomputing
    • Smart environments
    • Social Networks

Submission: Papers have to be submitted electronically, following the guidelines on the TADDS web page (to be announced). Every submission must be in English, in .ps or .pdf format, and include (1) authors’ names and affiliations, and (2) contact author’s postal and email address, and telephone number. The submissions must report on original research that has not previously appeared, and has not been concurrently submitted to a journal or conference with published proceedings. Any overlap with a published or concurrently submitted paper must be clearly indicated. A submission must not exceed 5 ACM double-column pages (letter size, 11pt).
Submissions must be sent by mail at this address: tadds2011@dis.uniroma1.it specifying as subject 'SUBMISSION TADDS'

Important Dates:
Submission: June 30th 7th July
Notification: July 22th 31st July
Workshop: September 19th

TADDS'2011 Program Committee (TBC)
Marcos K. Aguilera, Microsoft Research USA
Roberto Baldoni (Co-Chair), University of Rome "La Sapienza", Italy
Nancy Lynch, MIT, USA
Michel Raynal, IRISA, France
Alexander Shvartsman (Co-Chair), University of Connecticut, USA

Silvia Bonomi (Publicity Chair), University of Rome "La Sapienza", Italy

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